For the first time in 9 days, I got back on the bike.  It felt good! I went to meet the lady at an outdoor movie event and added a few blocks of riding to get my mileage up.

I haven’t had a shadow pic in a while, and this is further along the shore route that I so frequently take. The route splits away from the coast here and merges with a service road further up ahead. I generally take this route to the coast in a roundabout way, and then loop back up into the residential area.

Since I was staying near the coast, I decided to ride along the perimeter of the coastal community.

Though it’s impossible to understand, normally when I’m on this road, I will be facing the other way. I never biked this way before, but I’m glad I did. I biked about 2.5-3 miles down and turned left towards the ocean. Basically Coney Island is a peninsula rather than an island and I circled around that peninsula.

The world famous parachute jump is visible from just about anywhere in Coney Island, and for the second straight summer the Barnum & Bailey circus is in town. Coney Island is a great place and the circus is the kind of thing that helps revitalize the community. Someday, Coney Island will return to its glory days.

I arrived at my destination, just in time for one of the greatest cartoons of all time:

A little while longer, Mama Mia started. It’s a remarkably silly movie, but I can see how some people might absolutely love it. I’m not a gigantic Abba fan, so I could take it or leave it.

Not too shabby.

I didn’t bike home, because the girlfriend didn’t have her bike. I ended up going just over 8 miles, which gives me 250 miles since June 16th. I’m now halfway to my first biking goal. If I start commuting to work, I’ll blast through the miles. Good stuff all around. It’s supposed to rain tonight, so I’m not sure if I’ll get out for a good ride. We’ll see, though!