My sister is a constant partner in the battle of the bulge. We talk about many problems we both face, and it’s really great because there’s no concern about being worried what either of us will think about what’s being said. There’s just straight talk about where we are with things.

Sometimes she’s riding high on her habits and it helps me rededicate myself. Sometimes it’s the reverse.

We share different theories about things, but we’re always comparing and contrasting. Sometimes we end up agreeing with one another, and other times we fall away from our original thinking.

She used to blog about her weight loss, but then stopped. Sort of like me, I guess, in that she was identifiable and people who knew her followed her blog. With my recent return to anonymity, I suggested she do the same. She says she has, so hopefully it will help her like it has helped me.

I’ve been researching commuting by bike, mainly reading Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips and the various links that link off from there.

Currently my only problem is determining the pros and cons of investing in a garment bag pannier for my bike. I’ll need to get one because I can’t store clothes at work, and I need to wear a shirt and tie.

I’m going biking tomorrow and meeting the lady friend at an outdoor movie. Since the location’s only about 8 miles away, I’m going to try to do a different route there to add a few miles. I’m not biking home, because she won’t have her bike. Soo, I’m hoping to get 14-15 miles in at least. I haven’t biked in more than a week.

I’m also considering an alcohol free month…which is something I’ve been toying with for several months. In addition to being a healthy choice, I think it might be a good way to right a few things in my head. Not that I have a drinking problem,…it’s more of a realization of noticing heightened emotional states; something very much out of character for me. It’s a culmination of a lot of things, and it might just be time to address things upstairs. This would be a good step.