When you’re falling off your new found ways of life towards healthy living, what do you look for?

For some, they look to music…I do, but not always.

For others, they look to other bloggers who are always succeeding, kicking ass, taking names and being all around awesome. I obviously do that as well, since my Extensive List of Weight Loss Blogs grows and grows.

For me though? When I’m at the bottom of the well with a bag of cheesy poofs, fudge rounds and a liter of coca cola?

I look for the people who have left and hope they’ll return. Sometimes they vanish forever. Sometimes, though, they return.

100 Pounds In A Year

What I like about Andrew is he sometimes goes away for a week, maybe two, but he always returns. Life sometimes literally gets too busy to blog, I get that, and appreciate that he returns. The point is though, he doesn’t really use his disappearance as an excuse to slide back. Too often we read about bloggers doing exactly that. No blogging, just eating shitty, and blaming it on ‘life happening’. I really like that he has his goals set at 5 pound increments. That’s never a bad way to go about things. Lots of small goal add up to the big goal that is where he wants to be.

Stages of Change

I’ve had a rough week, and I’ve checked this blogger from Idaho every day. He hasn’t blogged in over a month, but he’s returned before. Read his history, read his entries since he returned. You can tell he has the desire. I’m hoping he’ll return with great news, and really I just hope he returns in general.I’ve already left words of encouragement. Come back, my friend!

I don’t know any of the bloggers I read personally, but I like to think we want nothing but success for anyone who desires to lose weight and be in a better place mentally and physically.  We’re here for ourselves, but it seems we end up being there for everybody else. Pulling that same rope.

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