After biking 21 miles yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to take the bike out today at all. I wasn’t overly tired, but you know how Sundays can go. I was enjoying my place on the couch.

The thing is, I have wakes to attend tomorrow & Tuesday, so the earliest I’d be able to ride again is Wednesday. Also, the girlfriend mentioned in the early afternoon a desire to bust out the bikes.

We opted to take a route we’ve taken before, one that we haven’t done since May 1st. I remember taking this ride and being really tired afterward. This time, I felt fine. It was a bit of hard work because we hit a lot of headwind on the return trip, but it felt great to work up a sweat.

These are my wheels. I have a water bottle on the bike, and two more in the bag strapped to my handlebars. I’d like to replace the bag, but currently it works out pretty well. I’d estimate I bike with about a gallon of water in total. On long trips, I’ll stop at a hot dog vendor and buy a few bottles. Yes, in NYC, you can find hot dog stands fairly easily on bike routes as they usually loop around parks. Parks = people, people = hot dog carts.

I’ve been meaning to take a photo of this damn crossover bridge for ages. I cross over this every time I  bike along the shore. When the GF is with me, I lift both bikes up the stairs at the same time. Yep, I pretend I’m jacked.

If you look just to the left of white sail in the distance, you’ll notice a green statue. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Statue of Liberty. We biked to the pier that’s further up this shore path, which had excellent views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty today. Manhattan is in the distance straight ahead, and New Jersey resides to the left.  We had the tailwind to the pier, which was excellent, and battled headwind on the way back to the point we rerouted off the shore and biked through the neighborhood that was a lot easier to deal with.

In total, it was 9.31 miles. Not too shabby. 30 miles in two days. I’ll bike Wednesday, and might bike over to a gym where I have a free month long trial waiting for me.

You’ll notice I haven’t weighed in in a while. I may wait another week. I haven’t felt comfortable with my progress and will wait another week perhaps. That might change as soon as tomorrow. We’ll see.

Have a great week!