Nearly every Saturday, I hope to highlight a writer or two that has made an impression on me in some way.  The title of the series is simply a reference to the fact that I am a stranger to the people I’m reading. I’ve never met them, so they’re strangers. Strangers are strange!

Every weight loss blogger has a series of blogs they follow religiously, and others that are just as important but might require dedicating some time to for fully reading and digesting.

100 Days In Bed

100DIB is a great example of this.  Her blend of describing her highs and lows and the everyday challenge of making better changes in life is chronicled in her blog.  I think she writes with female readers in mind, but since weight loss is asexual, I think she’s very much worth reading regardless of whether or not you are a woman.

Her blog existed for a while, and then she vanished. Like so many other blogs that up & go, she left. Then, one day this year she returned. She has resumed her quest to make changes, and I think it’s something we can all relate to. I think it’s great she’s back. Her journey is something worth reading.

Another blog that’s worth reading is one that I’ve followed for a very long time. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t already mentioned him in this feature. A man who has lost 229 pounds to date.

One Man’s Trip To The Half

Zeusmeatball is a fantastic blogger who pulls no punches and simply writes from a no-frills point of view.  He writes from the view of a guy who sometimes can’t believe he once weighed in at 534 pounds.  Early on in his journey, he used photos of motorcycles to show his weight. He’ll show a bike of his weight, the weight he lost, and a third photo of something weighing the amount of weight he needs to lose to reach his goal. A fun example is from October of 2008.

His comparisons made me think of my own. Sometimes I google things that weigh 15-17 pounds to give myself a visual of what I’ve lost. Sometimes I google other things because Zeusmeatball made me think about things differently. He is no doubt a must read for anyone looking for motivation.

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