13 years ago and a week, I wrapped up my open water scuba diving certification.  In the fall of that year, I dove off the shores of Newport, Rhode Island twice.  This past weekend was the first venture back into the cool green waters of the Atlantic Ocean since then. The training this time took place at Back Beach in beautiful Rockport, MA. It is near Gloucester, MA, and it’s one of several communities in the area that have tons of great diving locations.

A good friend of mine has logged 200 dives, and put over 100 hours under water. He has spent nearly a week under the ocean. Along the way, he’s climbed the ranks of scuba and is now an instructor. My girlfriend expressed an interest a month ago, and my buddy offered to teach her and give me a refresher. I never forgot my initial certification, so my refresher was real easy.

My girlfriend isn’t like me, in the sense she doesn’t have issues with her weight or food. She attacks whatever she likes, and throws herself into anything she’s doing. She hardly ever shows fear.

She was scared after the first day, when we just learned about the equipment and did a short dive to experience breathing under water. On the second morning of training, I wasn’t sure if she was going to get back in the water. We went over some more of the training and practiced the safety techniques before heading for the shore.

We entered the shallow water, and decided to just breathe under the sea. When she was okay, she’d give the OK sign. For a few minutes she stared straight, with her hand on the air pump that would fill her jacket(known as a BC) and send her up the 2 feet to the surface. The day before, I had tried to point out the fish, crabs, and lobsters that were crawling along the floor of the sea, but she was too nervous to look around. After about 5 minutes under water on the second day, something clicked. Maybe she realized she had been under the water for a little while and relaxed. She started looking around, and pointed to the tiny grabs that were crawling by her fins.

It was like a switch had gone on. Her entire view of scuba diving changed. She attacked everything, absorbed every bit of the training like a sponge. She had conquered her fear of the new system, the new sport, and overcome the very basic reality of breathing differently.  Why is that worth mentioning? For me, it’s the same way I need to attack weight loss. I’ve maintained my loss, but I haven’t lost any more in a week.

She climbed out of her funk regarding the scuba equipment and wants to go diving again soon.  With weight loss, the ‘light’ went on, but I need to refocus myself this week. I’ve made a permanent change because I’m not gaining, but I need to step it up. Climb the proverbial ‘rocks’.

So, to help me with breaking the mini-funk(I’m not calling it a full blown funk because I’m not gaining), I’m joining the challenge laid out by Big Clyde. He’s looking to lose 16 pounds by Labor Day. Before I got rid of my ‘due dates’, Goal #2 was set for Labor Day. So, keeping with that, I’m going to get back on that wagon for this challenge. I’m going to see if I can shed the 12 pounds I have between now and Labor Day.

That would put me at 240 pounds. 30 pounds from my highest weight.  12 pounds in about 4-5 weeks. I think with a little effort, it’s entirely possible.

I’m ready to fight for it. Here’s my superhero pose. If you actually recognize me, shoot me an email. ha!

Let’s do it!