I’m at my parents house this weekend, and I’m up way, way too late. In fact, in less than four hours I’ll be waking up to go do some scuba diving training. I’ve already been trained, but I’m getting a refresher. Part of the reason I’m not overly concerned is that my sleeping pattern has been so fucked up in the last week that it really isn’t going to make a difference. I’ve functioned on less sleep. I know I should get more sleep, but it’s simply not happening. Tomorrow night I will definitely be sleeping early.

While staying with my parents, I noticed they’ve had the same scale in the bathroom forever. It’s so off, that you can step on it three times and get three different weight numbers. Years ago, I’d regularly weigh in and take the best number out of three.

So, naturally, I’m not counting my weigh-ins here. I’m not weighing in until Wednesday most likely. However, I also realized that I don’t think I’d weigh in at anyone else’s house either. I like my scale. Even if it’s off, it’s off to my liking. It doesn’t give me multiple readings, like the one here.

I’d hate to come to your house and find out I’m actually 5 pounds heavier than I am…because I’d undoubtedly think I was 5 pounds heavier at my heaviest!

So, I don’t use other people’s scales. It’s like wearing someone else’s underwear.

I’m wearing the same speedos tomorrow that I wore during my first training13 years ago! It was baggy then, it’s baggy still. How? My weight is the hang-over-your-waist type, that’s how.

That’s all I got, just wanted to share that. I have a new ‘views from strange men’ queued up for later today. Have a good one!