I didn’t go biking today, but I’m hoping to do some early biking tomorrow before a long weekend away.

The photo above was my dinner tonight.  A pork chop seasoned with onions and organic soy sauce, an Asian style veggie stir fry medley and some whole wheat rice. I know, I could do without the rice, but I’ve done tremendously well in mixing up my every day dinners. I used to do burgers a lot or just chicken breast. I’ve incorporated fish and pork into my dinner rotation, and going with the idea of ‘everything in moderation’, my meals have become much more diverse.

I’m going away this weekend, so other than checkin’ in tomorrow after my bike ride, there won’t be any check ins until Tuesday or possibly Wednesday. I might have something set up for the weekend, but I’m not sure yet.

I’m going scuba diving for the first time in 13 years. I’m taking a refresher course while the girlfriend is getting certified. I haven’t gone scuba diving since I was certified, and I weighed about 220 pounds then. I needed 50 pounds of weight then to achieve equal buoyancy in the ocean then, so I’m not looking forward to seeing how much weight I’ll need to wear this time!

That’s about all for today. Damn, that pork chop was tasty!