I slept very little last night, and then slept late today.  I DVR a lot of movies on the Turner Classic Movies channel, for reasons like last night. I watched “Birdman of Alcatraz”. That movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. It pretty much entertained me until sunrise/exhaustion.

For whatever reasons, and there are enough, I couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t health related so that’s not my issue. It’s a mental thing. Or I should say, things. Nothing worth going into here since this is a weight loss blog, but the point is my day was all screwed up because I didn’t sleep last night.

I didn’t want to go biking.

But, I hadn’t gone biking yesterday either.

I’m so easily pushed off a routine, that I had to force it.

At 6:30 this evening, I got the water bottles together and filled them up and took the bike out. I planned on doing an easy 14 mile loop that I’ve shown nice sunset photos from previous trips. I was physically tired, so in hindsight I should’ve just scrapped the idea and pushed hard tomorrow.

The thing is, I wanted to do this.  Being a little tired is a poor excuse to not bike.

I ended up shortening the already short loop. I did an aborted 11 mile trip. Though, that’s 11 miles I didn’t spend on my couch, so I think I win today.

I also weighed in lower, once again.  It’s hard to believe I’m approaching the verge of entering the 240s. I haven’t been there for longer than a few days in years. Though, if it takes another week to get to 250 or 249, I won’t be that upset.  It’s more important to reach a level where I’m maintaining a loss than just reaching a new low and then going back up. I’ve reached 252, so I want to stay here or below. I’m so far from my goal still, that I really don’t want to celebrate any major milestones until the ultimate goal is reached.

It’s like swimming to the bottom of the ocean. I don’t want to just touch it, I want to enjoy myself down there and stay there.

Weird analogy, sorry. It’s one of those days.

Keep on keepin’ on.