After biking nearly 40 miles in two days, I’ve decided to give my legs a break. I thought seriously about biking a short distance today, especially since the humidity is low…but figured it wasn’t worth the risk of pushing myself further than necessary and wind up hurt.

I apologize if anyone has received this as their third notification of a blog entry in one day, but it’s one of those days where I needed to write. If I’m not biking, I should be focusing on other things with regard to weight loss.

I’m a few pounds lower, which is nice. I suspect it might fluctuate a few days before dropping again. That’s mainly because I haven’t figured out the body dynamic.  I’ve been eating well, and I’ve been making sure that I’m not eating late at night.

This journey feels so much different than other attempts I’ve made. I think  it’s the longest journey I’ve made in weight loss. I think just about every other attempt ended within a month. I don’t think I’ve continually lost weight for 6 or 7 weeks ever in my life. Gain? Maybe. Loss? Definitely not.

I can’t even explain why this journey is different. It’s not because I’m writing anonymously, though I think that helps. It’s something more, though. It’s something that I think every person who has lost a great amount of weight has experienced.  You can read it in their ‘about’ pages, or hear it in the voice on their vlogs, or even see it in their eyes in workout pictures.

It’s like a switch went on, and they’re more committed than ever before. That’s how I feel. I’ve had bad moments, but I’ve bounced back immediately. I didn’t name my blog Going For 96 because it’s catchy. I named it because I want to see 96 years of age. That’s 67 more years. Who knows if this blog will exist in 67 years, but that’s my plan. I’d even like to see 100 years, but 96 seems slightly more hopeful. haha.

That’s pretty much it for today. I hope your day is going well!