A very nice representative from CSN Stores contacted me a while ago about doing something with their website that might help me and ultimately help them too. Basically, they’re interested in having me review a product, provide a link to their services, and then supplying me with the chance to acquire something from their website.  Fortunately, the CSN stores represent a number of websites that I’ve used, or people I know have used, to buy things for themselves. In particular, Cookware.com has a great number of things available, from small appliances like blenders to dinnerware.

In conjunction with the FTC blogger guidelines, I’m putting out this disclaimer; I am receiving compensation for an upcoming review on a product that I will not fully purchase myself, thanks to my participation in this review process.

During discussions with the representative from CSN stores, I made it clear that I didn’t want to link something that didn’t really make sense for anyone reading this to see a link to. I didn’t want a guest blog, or an ad blinking, or an exact sentence that had to be used.  I didn’t want to have a post that came off super-duper cheery, because let’s face it…I’m occasionally funny, but more often than not I’m just a regular guy talking to you about how I’m going to stop being a fat guy.

The reason I’m interested in reviewing a product, and the reason I’m okay with providing a link to CSN Stores, is because taking control of my eating habits is a big part of this weight loss journey. It’s not just biking, it’s getting into the habit of eating right and making meals myself.  If that means I can benefit from sharing a link with you to a website that offers a bunch of things to buy for your kitchen, then it’s something I can get behind.  It’s worth noting that the rep didn’t mention this, but I saw it myself..there’s a 70% off deal for certain summer things.

So, I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to review yet, but I’m going to be looking at the cookware.com small appliances. Once I’ve received it, I’ll let you know. Then, I’ll review it and we’ll have some fun with this new thing.