In one of my previous updates, Frank commented that I shouldn’t set my goals with an end date.  While responding, I realized that I’m not fretting missing dates, because I’m still working hard.

So I decided to change my goals to more appropriately reflect how I’m looking at things and how I feel about things. The numbers are more level, and I gave myself the first goal as 255 is nicer looking than 254.5. Not lower, but nicer looking.  Even numbers look nice. lol.

The next goal will be harder than the first, because it means getting below a threshold of weight that I’ve fluctuated with for much of the last 3-4 years. I’ve added a ‘Maintained’ section below each goal. I’d like to be able to put a date two weeks after reaching a goal to indicate that I’ve gotten below that level or stayed at that level.

I still have certain dates in mind to reach my goals, but I’m not killing myself for not reaching them within a time frame. That  I’ve lost over the last month and not gained much, is really a great feeling.

Today the humidity is gone, so I’m thinking I might try to bust out a long bike ride. Possibly the 25 that need to get me to 200 miles…but we’ll see. I may settle on another 14-ish mile trip.