I woke up early today, and knew it was going to be a hot one. I also knew I was going to the beach…but I wanted to get in some biking.

So, I took off around 10:30, and covered 14 miles before noon. I rolled up to home at 11:58am, 2 minutes before noon. So, technically, I did it!

I’ve never biked that far, that early in the day. I’m glad I did, because I’d like to try doing it more often in the morning on weekends.  On weekends, I tend to get busy by the middle of the day and biking is no longer a possibility.

Here’s one of the streets I was on:

There are roughly 6 miles of a bike path that runs along this road. I use it quite a bit, but today opted to take a left to go by another bike route.

This bike route runs parallel to the other one, but it’s on the street and runs quite a bit further beyond the other one. I didn’t go the entire way, but did go further than originally planned. I really like this road because it’s not heavy with traffic, and I think I’ll utilize this route later on for a distance ride.

I’m at 175 miles, and hope to bring it to 200 or beyond before the calendar flips to August. 100 Miles/month is doable, and I’d like to stick to at least doing that every month.

Overall, this was a great way to start the week, when usually I don’t get things started til Mondays. So, good times all around!