Nearly every Saturday, I hope to highlight a writer or two that has made an impression on me in some way.  The title of the entry is simply a reference to the fact that I am a stranger to the people I’m reading. I’ve never met them, so they’re strangers. Strangers are strange!

This week, the view from a strange man comes from someone I really admire. It comes from someone looking to lose four hundred pounds. If you read his blog, you’ll quickly realize that Stephen Vinson is a man on a mission.

Who Ate My Blog?

Stephen’s blog is great because he’s continually finding ways to improve his everyday life in a way that transforms himself fully.

For example, over the last few weeks he has worked out and couldn’t figure out why he was so damn tired all the time afterward. It’s something that I think a lot of people battling weight loss would’ve handled by stopping their workouts.

Not Stephen. He discovered his CPAP machine wasn’t working properly, and eventually fixed the problem. He’s now more rested during the day and as his blog indicates he’s looking to take on more physical activity.

Stephen is on Twitter and Facebook, and I encourage everyone to follow him on both social networks.  He’s very active with his blog, and you’ll find that you can’t help but follow along with his journey.

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