Bad days happen.

Everybody knows what a bad day is.  You know you can ruin a day before noon.

That’s what I did today.

I’m going biking, but it doesn’t matter, the day has been ruined.

I’m going biking though. Before, this setback would’ve discouraged me from going biking. It would’ve led to further ruining of the day.

It’s like falling off the wagon for an alcoholic. Afterwards, you’re not even sure what you just did. I’m guessing the same goes for a drug addict.

I’m over it. Shit happens. The biggest thing here, the biggest point, the main thing…is I’m going biking today. Then, I’m going biking on Sunday. And probably Monday. And Tuesday.

I guess this could just be a bad half-day.

Maybe it can just be a bad few hours.

Maybe even just a bad hour.

A bad few minutes.

A bad few bites.

That’s it.


Let’s go.

Let’s get this shit back in order.

It’s time to dust myself off and get back into the saddle that dropped 15 pounds.

There’s a place I want to be, and a place I’m going to reach. If this weight loss thing wasn’t difficult, nobody would be fat. We’d pig out and be a regular healthy weight.

Today, tomorrow, this weekend, will be better than the last bad bites I’ve had earlier today.