I realize that I ‘checked in’ only a few hours ago, but that’s okay, I’m Checkin’ In again.

I stepped on the scale tonight, about 3 hours after dinner and 5 hours after my 21 mile bike ride. I’m near certain that I had sufficiently rehydrated myself, and was really surprised by my number. So surprised, I added it to the sidebar.

See, I like weighing in on Fridays or sometimes Thursdays because the first 4 days are the best for staying on task. If for no other reason, I sleep in late on weekends, and meals lose their proper times slot.  Basically, I try to do a lot during the week, and limit the faltering on the weekends so all is not lost by the following week.  Despite a busy summer, the 13 pound loss since Going For 96 started is a good sign that I’m doing something right.

Anyway, the loss made me wonder about water weight. It made me wonder about the rising and falling of weight. It made me realize I know nothing about the physical makeup of my body. None.

Turns out ‘water weight’ or ‘how much water weight can you lose in a day’ bring back a lot of results using Google. Though, none seem to really answer the question.  Though, one that I did find explain how you need to build your body up to drinking 8 cups of water if you don’t already drink that many. It was an interesting article, but I felt like it lacked a lot of credibility and it was posted on a sketchy-generic-weight-loss website name…so I’m not linking it.  Basically, it suggested you find ways to add water to your every day life, and that your body might turn it into piss before it figures out what to do with all of this water. Interesting concept.  No idea if it’s true.

Apparently this ‘checkin’ in’ is a internal monologue that’s seeping out.

That’s okay, too. It’s good to talk about the shit we don’t know, with hopes of learning about it. I will learn about water weight, and using water to lose weight!