A friend offered a plan to bike roughly 43 miles round trip on Saturday. My initial thought was that I would be much more tired afterward compared to my regular trips. I decided today to push myself a little harder and stretch my ride out further.

It turned into a 2 hour, 40 minute ride that covered 21 miles. I went about 8.5 miles into my ride when I reached this:

It’s the bike lane leading towards the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan.  A while ago, I tried to bike over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and then take the Manhattan Bridge back into Brooklyn. I made it one way, and turned around to meet the girlfriend instead of heading back for a full trip.This time, I stuck with my route.

You might recognize this view from various movies that show the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is really a great take in. I highly recommend walking over it if you’re ever in the city. If you have your bike with you, I highly recommend biking over!

This is the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge. As you’ll see, I biked from here, to there. I had to go through the Chinatown area of Manhattan, which can be absolutely terrifying for a cyclist. It turned out to be about a mile from one bridge center to the other.

Hard to see, but this is a view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge. The bike lane is on the far side of the bridge and there’s all sorts of train tracks and construction going on that makes it pretty much impossible to see anything on that side. Not surprisingly, there are WAY more tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s a nice view of the Triborough Bridge and the boring area of Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, but nobody visiting the city really goes near it.

I went more or less the same way home, except I took a ride through a big park in Brooklyn that kind of served as a resting coast of a ride.

Overall, it was a good day. I think I’m going to wait until Friday to weigh in.