I hope to address being nominated for the Versatile Blogger award given to me by Responsibility 199 within the next day or so. I’m honored. I don’t expect to ever win an award for anything this blog contains.  I’m very appreciative that he considers my blog worthy!

I weigh myself on Mondays, but I generally don’t log it.

The reason for this, is because typically weekends are more fucked up, eating-wise. Anyone battling the bulge knows about the difference between week day eating and weekend eating. In my opinion, I think the truly successful weight loss journey involves a realization that weekdays and weekends need to be treated exactly the same way.

Simply put, I believe I need to look at a BBQ or wedding reception the same way I would look at Wednesday lunch packed for work.  Why is it so easy to plan clean or good eating choices Monday through Friday? Because more often than not, I’m the one who can prepare the meal. When the food options are removed and I am offered a BBQ spread or an unlimited pile of beer or snacks, usually it ends with a certain amount of overindulging.

This weekend, I was at a wedding. It was supposed to be a date that I reached my first intermediate goal of 254.5 pounds. I got down to 257.5 on Friday. Three pounds from the goal is awesome, but it still means I missed my goal. I’m going to weigh myself this Thursday or Friday and decide if I need to change my goals. 17.5 pounds in 7 weeks might be a bit ambitious. Depending on how this week goes, I could potentially keep my goals.  If I hit the first goal this week, then we might be on track.

So, the wedding. I ate well. There were post-party parties with snacks and a ton of drink options. I overindulged with beer, but snack-wise, I think I did fairly well. There was a chocolate dipping fountain complete with a ‘candy’ bar. I was dancing up a storm, and didn’t hang out by the candy bar too much. The candy bar is the second I’ve seen this year at a wedding. It’s great in theory, but it’s terrible for those of us who don’t need the enticement.

For whatever reasons, and I think it’s related to my maintained weight loss, I was considerate of the effort I’ve put in so far to this weight loss journey. I didn’t want to eat 45 star bursts or 31 chocolate covered marshmallows because I have biked 140 miles in the last month and done damn well to keep 10 pounds off.  Dropping to three pounds from my goal was also ringing in my ear throughout the weekend.

So, that’s where I’m at today. I feel like there’s a change coming mentally and it started this weekend. It seems like back in the day, I couldn’t enjoy chocolate covered marshmallows unless I ate 15 of them. I made a point to thoroughly enjoy the 2 I had and the chocolate covered strawberry that I had. I had 2 watermelon star bursts and that was all I needed. Just a taste.

It feels like, at my worst, I didn’t even taste the star bursts until I stuffed 6 of them in my mouth at once. I feel like I didn’t taste marshmallows until I was full of them. Didn’t taste a bag of Chex Mix until it was gone. Then I tasted the craving I had for the salty tiny garlic breads.

I’d taste cravings!

So, that part of the battle seems to have reared its head. I wasn’t sure when it would. When you conquer the mind, you can easily conquer the rest, right? I think that’s a part of the battle people either aren’t willing to face, or think they can satiate by saying ‘weekends are free’. Everyone who is overweight, knows that left to your devices, you can eat 5 or 6,000 calories of something without even blinking. So, why eat 6,000 calories in a day to counter the 5 days of eating well?

How is it different from starving yourself to lose weight, and then binging? Seems counterproductive.

I’m going biking tomorrow, and might finally address my thoughts on biking solo and in a group. I’ve been invited to join someone on a 43+ mile ride on Saturday. My highest mileage in a day is 25 miles and I was tired afterwards. This trip would take me through two NYC Boroughs and into the state of New Jersey. 2 Boroughs, 2 states.  It seems like a challenge I could do, but I need to really assess myself. I might try pushing myself on a long ride tomorrow to see how my body responds.

Have a great week!