Nearly every Saturday, I hope to highlight a writer or two that has made an impression on me in some way.  The title of the entry is simply a reference to the fact that I am a stranger to the people I’m reading. I’ve never met them, so they’re strangers. Strangers are strange!

Anonymous Fat Girl

A few weeks ago, I first discovered Bobbie through another blogger’s link. I can’t remember who it was, but I’m very appreciative.  In a blogosphere where weight loss bloggers sometimes blend into one another with their tone of writing, I think AFG does an incredible job addressing so many things that many of us are feeling as we battle the bulge.

I first watched one of her videos where she’s working out and had to deal with a noisy neighbor while we recorded herself. I was struck by her strong personality and a distinct focus on what she needs to accomplish. This comes out in her writing as well. After watching her video, I felt like her writing is very much the same voice she uses when she’s working out.  Oftentimes, for me anyway, I think my writing ‘voice’ and how I might say something in person can come off differently. It’s something I hope to address during my journey to losing the fatness.

Anyway, her latest entry is about what you won’t find on her blog.  I think it’s a great summary of her entire blogging catalog, and her mentality on her own weight loss journey.

I find her blog to be a way to take a refreshing look at my own struggles and see that someone else is facing similar problems and not lamenting the fact things aren’t changing, but using it all to push herself further.  For instance, I’ve really been frustrated with my weight staying at the same number for 4 days despite good eating and a ton of biking miles. AFG battled through three months of staying around the same weight.  What to take away from that is, and I honestly didn’t consider it, is that Suuuure, I’m not losing….but it also means I’m not gaining!

She has been blogging since November, and I highly encourage anyone looking for a view on weight loss from someone who just lets it flow as she pleases, to check out Anonymous Fat Girl. My guess is she’ll end up being featured in this spot again. She really has great content.

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