Over the last three days, I teetered at 260.

I didn’t think I’d break into the 250s. I’ve been biking with some regularity, but there wasn’t any evidence of change in the weight. I’ve felt great, and it seems like there is some change going on, but the scale wasn’t budging.

I think it’s due to some muscle building with all of the riding, but I’m also realizing I know SO little when it comes to the body dynamic.

Anyway, I entered 257.5 this morning, and my first question to myself was, ‘Is this water weight?’. It’s hot and I had gone to get a haircut before eating breakfast. I like to weight myself before eating anything in the morning, so I weighed myself after I got home. I couldn’t believe it. It was 260 yesterday, and 257.5 today! It has happened before, but I was surprised nonetheless.

It has taken a lot of work to get out of the 260s. It’ll probably take twice as much work to get out of the 250s, but I’m ready for it. I’m ready for anything.

Next week I will assess my Intermediate Goals and see if I need to make adjustments. I’ll keep them listed, but I’ll update them accordingly to reflect the new dates/numbers in relation to the old goals.

I’m generally really happy with my progress. 12.5 pounds in a month is better than not losing and it’s much better than gaining!

I’ve been sitting in Twosixtyland for most of the last year. I flirted in Twofiftyland when my friend got married, and even dipped into Twofortyland for a day or two. The difference between that attempt and this attempt is I’m feeding myself realistically, and working out way more than I did last year. Last year, my weight loss was nearly exclusively due to eating and working a job that had me standing up all day.

I feel like I’m finally making permanent changes to my life that will lead to further weight loss success. I absolutely know that I will face struggles, especially when I get to a lower weight that I haven’t seen in more than 10 years. I will undoubtedly learn so many things that I don’t know yet.

It’s exciting to think that the long journey will be fun, in some ways, because I’m learning about my body and what works and doesn’t work for it.

Doubtful that I’ll get a bike ride in today, and not until Monday perhaps, but smart eating over the weekend will keep things in check. So, let’s do it!