So, like many people who are relatively new to the whole cycling thing, I’ve wondered how my bike would respond to riding the streets in the rain or just after a downpour.

I biked 14 miles tonight, and about 4 of them were on just-drenched streets. I had just missed a downpour near the coast.

You know what I learned?

Sometimes you forget the simplest things that even a little kid understands.

Of course you can bike in the rain!

I ride a hybrid, so my wheels are thicker and have grooves.  That might be the difference. Hardcore cyclists with slick skinny wheels might have trouble.  If that’s the case, I may stay with hybrid tires in the long run.

I had a tough time starting out tonight. My legs ached like I had butchered them yesterday. It took a few miles to loosen up, which leads me to believe that I didn’t stretch enough before hopping on the bike. I usually stretch and then take a mile or two to loosen up. I started working hard immediately tonight. Different route, so the terrain was slightly different, with more incline.

I went out despite the threat of passing thunderstorms.  As I’ve mentioned before, I need to formulate a plan for biking when conditions are the best. I’ll address the cold when it gets here in three months, but until then, I have to look at how I’ll address the rain. I wasn’t explicitly looking for rain today, but I had my head set on not going home if it suddenly opened up above me.

Here’s a road view when I was going through a park on the side of the highway.

I love it because it looks like I’m flying down the path. I wasn’t going too fast though.

Here’s a pic of the sun setting beyond the park.

Here’s a pic I took after the first leg of my ride, when I reached the overpass to the seacoast.

Nice view, right? Subconsciously I think this is why I’m biking in the evening so often.

Here’s a pic of the sun setting behind the bridge. You’ll notice this is a location I visit often. I really like the 6-7 mile stretch of off-street bike paths here.

There was a great rainbow in the other direction, but the camera on my phone wasn’t capturing it that well.

In the other direction were the looming clouds. Within a few miles I started feeling a few drops and the streets were wet. There was zero slippage on my tires, and my mud guards were fantastic! I’ve owned them for more than 4 years, and this might’ve been the first time they were put to use.

By the time I returned home, I was feeling great on the bike. I wanted to keep going. However, it was dark and I was home…so I decided to hang it up for the night. 14 miles though, is pretty good. Seems to be right about where my average ride is now.

I’m attending a wedding this weekend, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to ride again. I’m going to try tomorrow, but it may not work out. May not ride again until Monday. If I can ride tomorrow or Friday, I’m going to attempt a 25 miler, or near 25 miler. I figure I might as well give my legs a reason not to ride a bike if I can’t ride because of other fun non-athletic activities!

That’s about it. I hope your week is going well!