I hit a new low during the latest life changing attempt. In just less than a month, I’ve dropped 10 pounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if I reach my new goal of Below 260 by the end of the week.

Originally I had the goal of 254.5 by 7/17, which you can see on the sidebar, and after the 4th of July that plan had to be scrapped when I gained instead of lost. So by Saturday morning I’ll be thrilling with 259.5. I will venture a guess that I could even reach 258 by Saturday morning. I’m going to a baseball game Friday night, so a beer and a hot dog late may change that. We’ll see.

I don’t plan on changing my second intermediate goal, since there’s a lot of time between now and then. I think a few good weeks of eating right and biking will bring me back on pace.

I used to completely fall off plans when I failed to reach a goal. I’ve taken a different approach..which is being happy about the loss I’ve maintained. 10 pounds off is a good amount for me.

The difference between 260 and 270 is substantial. As I’ve mentioned before, 270 is a high water mark, and it’s when I start feeling overall crappy. Breathing heavier, sweating more, finding everything becoming a project to accomplish.

At 260, dress shirts fit a little better, I can get the sweating under control. I feel a little better about things.

I’ve been at 250 only a few times over the last few years, and only briefly. I felt GREAT though, and people started noticing the weight loss.

I was once under 250 for a few days last year, but that was due partly to an outdoor summer job where I lost a lot of water weight.

This weight I’ve lost seems different. More permanent, since it’s a result of changes.

I haven’t had a Nutty Bar in about a month. Random, yep. I know. Awesome though, right?

That’s all I have for right now. I may post tonight.

Ride On, M’F’ers!