I’ve biked about 25 miles or so over the last week, which I think is pretty good. I’ve also eaten fairly well, which is awesome. I won’t hit my first goal, but I hope to reach the 250s by the end of the week. I’ll consider it a success if I can chime in with a 259 or lower.

I haven’t blogged for a few days, but I’ve twittered, as you can see on the sidebar. The good thing is I’m not wavering. I’m not losing steam. I’m not quitting. The fact that I’ve biked near 125 miles in less than a month is fantastic.

I’d like to go biking tonight, but it’s raining. The thing is, I’d STILL like to go biking. I feel like there will come a time where it’s not warm or dry, and I’ll need to get out and about. I’d like to be a four season biker. The only way that can happen if I get out now. So, we’ll see.

I went biking with my gf and a friend last night. I think my next entry will be about that. I learned a few things, and considered a few more that I’ll need to consider in the future!