I was sore for a few days following my 13+ miles on July 1st. I rode 50 miles in three days, and walked a bit over those days too. Overall, that was kind of stupid. My legs were a bit sore until even yesterday.

I didn’t gorge myself on 4th of July food, but I didn’t have a ton of water(opting for less obviously healthy beverages of choice), and didn’t ride at all. My guess is I’ve gained a few pounds, the first reversal since this adventure began.

This is the time where things need to get checked in, and be accounted for. I biked 100 miles over 15 days for a reason. I lost 9.5 pounds for a reason.

I want to be a normal looking dude. So, tomorrow starts a new day. I’m not sure about biking over the next two days because the temps will push 100 degrees. However, I biked in that last week, so I may bust out the bike for a few miles to get back into the swing of things.

I bought my first issue of Bicycling Magazine today. I was drawn to it because of a story on how I could bike 100 miles in a day. It was a pretty interesting story. They suggested 3 rides a week, with a day off between each ride, and building up to longer rides on the weekend. They also suggested other fitness activities during the off-bike days.

I really haven’t figured out my off-bike workouts. I’ve hung onto the notion of just biking the weight off…but that’s obviously not going to cut it in the long run. So I’m not sure where to go from here. A gym membership isn’t an option, nor is investing in a home gym. Simple stuff like push ups/sit ups is an option though.

I saw ‘Cyrus’ tonight. It’s a movie featuring Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly with Marissa Tomei. I couldn’t get the fatness of Jonah Hill out of my head. I felt like if *I* was a movie star, I would most likely look like Jonah Hill on the big screen. I guess he’s a little shorter than me, but man, I couldn’t get the chubness out of my head.

Great movie, by the way. Hill plays a little darker character than he’s ever done before…and Reilly/Tomei are amazing. Tomei is hot. Bamalamadingdong.