It was over 100 degrees today in New York City. Humidity was at about 50%

I’d really like to take the bike out tonight. I haven’t biked at night in about three or four years, but I’d like to do it tonight. It’s going to be even hotter tomorrow, and I don’t want to wait any longer to get back on the bike. I haven’t been on it since Thursday, though I needed a few days off.

I watched some of the Tour De France today, for the first time ever. They crossed over from Belgium to France. I had no idea that the TDF started in Belgium! My first thought was the stage they did today would be great to ride. I know there are lots of hills later on, but this stage today looked like a great ride through the countryside of Belgium and France.

So, that’s pretty much it today. I may bust out the bike, and then maybe update later.

Keep cool, my homies.