The Anti-Jared’s latest post about everybody being perfect got me thinking. Actually, his earlier post this week entitled Members With Infants initially put the bug in my ear.

In both, he’s referenced bloggers who have departed the blogosphere for whatever reasons. He even suggested that the life expectancy of a male blogger is 5 months. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not, but I would put the general life expectancy of a weight loss blogger…or any type of blogger, at roughly three years.  I think within three years, a person has to evolve, if they haven’t already, or consider changing their blogging style or writing future. I think a writer evolves, whether or not they want to. Once you’ve written everything you can think of, and rehashed things and considered new and different blog post ideas…you reach a stalemate. Something’s gotta give.

Sometimes it means scrapping a blog and starting over. Sometimes it means writing about something else. Sometimes it’s just moving a blog and creating a different setup so there’s more focus on interacting with readers. Guest posts, prizes, giveaways, and other assorted ideas to mix things up might work too.

I think it happens because weight loss bloggers are kind of pigeonholed into a scope they can write about. I know I felt that way. I tried to break it by blending my weight loss blog with my regular writing. That didn’t work out well, and I’m back into separating my writings.

Is that the absolute truth? No. Are there exceptions? Of course. However, when you look at any  current blogger, anyone at all, you are extremely unlikely to find articles from say, 2005.

What I think is important, and The Anti-Jared does this really well, is to remember you’re writing for yourself ultimately. You’re trying to lose your own weight. You’re not necessarily trying to help someone else drop 60,70,100 pounds. Yes, you motivate and inspire, but the reason you’re here..the reason *I* am to lose weight. If you can accept you’re gonna write about the same stuff over and over, then you can succeed. To succeed, you’ll need to overcome the same shit time & again. At least I know I do. It’s an endless battle.

It just takes writing about it differently. I’ve taken to writing semi-responses to other people’s blog posts. This is sort of a response to TAJ’s last few posts…but not really. He inspired the idea to write today.  And it was coupled with a poor day eating-wise. I decided that I don’t want to become a vanished blogger because I’m struggling.

I’ve found bloggers who haven’t been around for a long time. Some just glaring absences…others with farewell speeches. They’re just as motivating as the bloggers who post every day….because we could be them. We could be the next defunct inactive blogger. I’m not trying to pick on anyone because they’re struggling. It’s honestly a mode to inspire myself. Remind myself that I’m not a quitter. I’m going places, and I’m losing weight.

So. Where have they gone?

Plans Are For Fools hasn’t blogged since March 10th, and overall only a few times this year. He achieved great success and lost about a hundred pounds. In his most recent posts, he lamented about struggling find a point where he feels good about himself.  Where have you gone, Brian?

Melissa’s Journey: Flab to Fab hasn’t blogged since November of 2008.

Shirt Off At 40 is gone. Literally, no blog. Did they get the shirt off? Heather’s A Loser is gone too.

One Step At A Time was last seen in August, 2009.

Wanting A Healthier Life admitted that he wasn’t struggling with weight, but was struggling with blogging, and we haven’t seen him since late August, 2009.

The Best Me was trying to find his way in October of 2009. What happened?

No More Excuses hasn’t been around since November, after posting fairly regularly for 10 months.

Fat Fitness Food had the perfect blog. It existed for exactly a year. She decided to stop blogging about weight loss because it wasn’t fun anymore.

Waste The Waist shut it down because the blog was getting to him.

The Pursuit of Balance has been MIA since September, 2008.

Focus, Action, Change hasn’t blogged about any of those things since March, 2008.

The Journey hasn’t been heard from since March.

Cruising And Losing hit a new low on June 1st, 2008 and hasn’t posted since.