I started my day off with a bike ride, but pretty much turned around after half way, finishing with a 3 mile trip. It was my first early bike ride since I started biking again, and I didn’t feel right. I didn’t have the intensity to keep biking. So I didn’t.

I arbitrarily decided around 6pm to give the bike another whirl. For the first time ever, I did a second bike ride on the same day. This one was about 10 miles, and felt great. I weighed myself afterward and got a new low, after a few days of weight increases. Yes, I probably should’ve listed the increases, but screw that. I don’t feel like doing that. haha! Anyway, I’m still trying to determine which day will become my ‘official’ weigh in. I’m guessing I will settle on Wednesday or Thursday mornings.

I biked to the ocean again, and took a few minutes to relax there. Here’s a pic.

Walk To The Ocean

It was a good trip. It looks like Thursday will be the day that I bike the 20 mile round tripper with the girlfriend. We’re going to a lobster shack, so that should be great fun.

I think I’ll plan on doing a trip tomorrow, probably a little shorter since I’ll have the 20 miles on Thursday. We’ve really been lucking out with the weather. I hope it stays this way for weeks!