I felt great today, as far as my legs are concerned, after riding 19 miles last night. However, it was brutally hot and humid all day. I opted to walk around my block 6 times for a change. I ended up walking 2.2 miles, which is nice. It only took 30 minutes.

I’ve brought my iPod once on a bike ride, but prefer the noise of the street and have a basic fear that the music would distract me at a moment where making a crucial turn on the bike would save my life. Today I brought the iPod on my walk. Here were the songs I listened to:

I have a playlist entitled ‘Pumped’, with 14 hours of music. I put it on shuffle and Trick Daddy’s ‘Let’s Go’ was the first song. Not too shabby.

The Spin Docto’s “Two Princes” have been automatic additions to any workout mix I’ve made for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I love the Spin Doctors. It’s that they just have an unobtrusive sound. I don’t mind it, and it keeps me moving. Though, I’d say this was my least favorite song on the list.

Social Distortion’s “It Coulda Been Me” is another long time favorite. This song is a decent example of different musical option that I consider upbeat. I was rocking out to this around the block.

Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” is awesome. If you just consider the chorus, then this is a great workout song. This video is pretty silly, though. I had never seen it before today! I love this song though, and hope it makes a return in future shuffled workouts!

50 Cent’s “Shake That Ass” made me realize something on my walk. Rap music gets me going more than anything else. I enjoy everything, but rap music is awesome. This song is awesome.

The Wolfe Tones’ “On The One Road” is another song that only *I* would have on a playlist entitled “Pumped”. I don’t apologize for this. I truly love Irish rebel music, and it fires me up.

Third Eye Blind’s “Graduate” fits into the same category as the Spin Doctors. I don’t usually listen to Third Eye Blind on purpose, but don’t mind their sound. Sometimes I’m even in the mood for them. This is a great song for walking. I bet runners like it too. Just a hunch!

Nelly’s “Air Force Ones” is another favorite. Nelly is hilariously awesome. I don’t mean that in a mean way. I mean that in a way that he’s a fun rap artist. I hope “Pimp Juice” pops up in a workout soon.

My weight has fluctuated a bit this week, for good and bad reasons. I think I will wait until Thursday to give a formal weigh in. Maybe Wednesday.