Yesterday, I was told I don’t look like a guy who eats tofu.Believe it or not, that comment made me feel good about my renewed journey.

Last night I went out to dinner with my girlfriend’s family to a nice Thai restaurant. I had biked 8.44 miles earlier in the day in the heat, and was feeling pretty good overall.  And why not? I have biked 30+ miles in the last 10 days and didn’t feel any noticeable pains that might stop me from biking again very soon.

Anyway. I was feeling good, and upon looking at the menu decided to mix things up a bit.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been considering attempting a ‘meat free’ week.  Basically avoiding beef, chicken, turkey, pork and the like for an entire week. I know, they’re not all bad and there are certain benefits of eating them all in a balanced meal.  The thing is, I need to break the cycle that my eating habits are in.  To do that, I need to get out of the mode where I will go with meat based meals. This attempt started impromptu last night. It wasn’t my plan, it just sort of happened that way.

Yesterday I had a pork sausage with breakfast, but I think it’s a forgivable offense, because eggs and toast were the main part of the meal. Besides, I didn’t know I would consider my attempt at the time!!

So, back to dinner. I noticed on the menu that each meal was offered with a choice of chicken, beef or tofu. I had tofu a few days ago in a salad, and didn’t mind the texture. Texture is huge for me. Slimey never goes well, for me. I had no idea what tofu’s texture was before then. Turns out, after a little investigative work, that tofu can have a varying degree of textures.

I decided I was in the mood for some Thai curry. I went with a panang curry dish with peppers and chunks of tofu. With the help of wikipedia, I learned a great deal about tofu.

You know what? It was delicious. I compare the texture of tofu to the corner of a piece of french toast. Crispy, crunchy on the outside, and a lil squishy in the middle. I could see why this might turn some people away from it. I liked it though. The nutritional value is unbelievable. I don’t know how the points system works for Weight Watchers, but my guess is they’d consider Tofu to be a pile of awesome points. Maybe I should create a point system.

Did you go biking? 10 awesome points

Did you eat healthy today? 10 awesome points

Did you think before eating? 10 awesome points

Did you consider NOT WORKING OUT, and then change your mind? You just earned eleventy bajillion awesome points.

All it takes is one day of deciding to do something you normally wouldn’t, to get the ball rolling.

Okay, so back to the tofu thing.

My girlfriend’s grandmother said to me, after hearing that I ordered the tofu  panang curry, “You don’t look like a guy who eats tofu”. It wasn’t said in a snarky tone, nor was it said to be mean. She’s a great woman, and it was simply an observation. I really don’t look like a guy who eats tofu, ever. As she put it, I look like a guy who eats hamburgers, and steaks, and chicken, and whatever else that has a focus on the meat and not the rest of the meal.

I made me feel awesome about my choice. It made me feel awesome about making this change. I responded to her by saying, “I hope to someday look like a guy who does eat tofu.” And that’s the truth. Well, it’s more that I’d like to look like a regular guy who may or may not eat tofu or hamburgers. I’d rather not be defined as a guy who eats, period.

It will take time. It will take a whole lotta time.  You know what, though? It took a whole lotta time to realize what I need to do to lose it and set myself up for continued success.

It’s another beautiful day. Get out and enjoy it!