Not a lot to say late night, but had a few photos I wanted to share.

Sunset Ride, 6/23

I took this as I crossed over a foot bridge and embarked on my near 10 mile ride. I actually rode in the opposite direction of the bridge, but loved the view. The photo below was taken when I did actually ride towards the bridge a few days later. Like I had said before, the headwind sucked!

Hangin' at the pier, 6/26

Amazing to think both photos were taken with my cell phone. The bike is mine, and the buildings in the distance  make up the only skyline that can look like that. Yep,  Manhattan of New York City. Not sure if you can tell, but the Statue of Liberty is on the left side.

Yeah, I realize I’ve given away my location on this anonymous blog…except there are 8 million people living in NYC. I’m not worried about my identity. There are several million living in my borough alone.

I’ve also realized that I need another water bottle for my bike. 1 isn’t enough, especially if I end up doing a big loop on a hot day.

Another thing I’ve thought about is the benefits of cycling shorts. To be blunt, I’m curious if it’ll be more comfortable to keep the boys close together, ifyaknowhatimsayin’.  This was the first time I thought of a ‘reward’ for any weight loss.

I decided that if I can get 30 pounds lost, then that would justify my purchasing of cycling pants. I haven’t weighed that low in 5 or 6 years. So, if I lose 30 pounds,…cycling pants are mine. Fun times!

That’s all I have for right now. I’m going to bed, and sleeping in late.

I may do a sunset trip tomorrow evening.