Three posts during the same day. Two check ins! That’s a bit excessive, but hey, might as well if I’m feeling like it.

I went biking today. I went 19 miles in a giant loop around my community. It was really great. It wasn’t too hard, save for a few uphills. They were located throughout, so it wasn’t bad overall. Good stuff. It was around 90 degrees with high humidity, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable ride, either. I would call it mildly abusive, but in a good way. It wasn’t leisurely, but I didn’t need to nap when I got home, either!!

Here’s a few shots:

View of the bridge I rode under later

I rode along the shore, and then shot up along a major road that has bike paths on both sides. It’s about 5 miles along. At one point, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt on a bench that read, “I Am A Beast”. I thought it was funny, because I immediately thought to myself, “You’re goddamn right. I AM A BEAST!”. I was only about half way through my journey, so it was a nice message, however intentional.

Further along, I passed a telephone pole that had the words, “Back Fat” on it. I don’t have back fat, but I thought it was funny too. I’m riding to prevent future worries like back fat! Why the hell did someone write Back Fat on a pole? It’s New York City, so it could be the name of a punk band for all I know.

One problem I encountered during the 19 mile trip was the water situation. Basically, I need to invest in a second water bottle to be attached to the bike. I managed this time, but mostly because I banked on the hot dog vendor to be at the pier when I looped around. No, I did not have a hot dog!

I bought a Blue Gatorade and an extra bottle of water. Apparently the Blue Gatorade is the one that’s promoted as the one you drink while working out. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I sucked it down in about a second. The remaining 4 miles went easy, but I don’t know if the Gatorade had anything to do with it. I hope it wasn’t a waste of calories. Perhaps I’ll do some investigative work on it. Good or not? Hmmm.

I may do a small ride tomorrow, but it really depends on how my body responds to this 19 mile monster. I’m stiffening a little already, but trying to make sure I’m drinking lots of liquid tonight to stay hydrated. I’m riding with the gf on Wednesday, so that should be a lot of fun. May take the next two days off riding if I’m feeling a bit sore tomorrow. Nearly 30 miles in two days is quite a bit.

Great weather lined up for the next week though, so there’s no reason I can’t get a few more miles in before next weekend.

I did consider something during my ride, something that I’ll have to address as the seasons change.

I ride a lot in the evening, between 4-8. Right now, that’s fine. In a few months, that won’t be so fine. The streets will be tougher at night, and some neighborhoods I ride through are neighborhoods I may not want to ride through at night. Food for thought, I guess. May have to consider an alternative workout for the winter. Walking could be that option. I hate walking/running currently..but perhaps when I shed some poundage, it’ll be a real option. Walking would be easier to do in a smaller area just by looping repeatedly. I’m okay with repetitiveness as well, so it’d be an option….but I hate doing it. lol. So, we’ll see.