Something I see a lot of when I’m reading other blogs is people giving their measurements and the various sizes of their bodies. I understand -why- they’re doing it, but I don’t see a point for me to do the same.

I have a scale that breaks weight down to the half pound. So, this morning I weighed in at 263.5. I prefer .5 and .00 as weight numbers, because it causes less headaches. If I saw 263.2, I’d consider trying to poop or ripping a fart to get that last .2 down to 263 even. Before you say ‘EEWW!’, you’ll admit you’d try the same.

I wear a size 20 neck dress shirt, because it’s the most comfortable for me. However, I can get into a size 18.5 dress shirt. Actually, I’m wearing an 18.5 shirt right this moment. It’s a little snug, but it’s not bad, overall. I figure as the weight comes off me, I’ll fit into this 18.5 shirt better. I don’t need measurements to tell me how far I’ve come.

In the case of weight loss, I’m more of a ‘feeling’ kind of guy. If it feels better, and if it fits better, then it IS better.

I think another reason I don’t look too deeply at numbers is because I know why they creep up or down slowly or not. I’m thrilled that I’m now at 263.5, because I thought this week would’ve left me closer to 265. The difference is in what I’m eating. If I continue eating the way I am, I have no doubt that I’ll be at 258 or so by this time next week. No measurement will tell me I’m doing a great job or poor job. This shirt I’m wearing feels good. If I end up at 258 next week, it’ll feel great. Actually, even if I end up at 260 even, I bet it’ll feel great.

I guess, long story short, my body tells me when I’m doing things right. After years of trying to find measurements and numbers that tell me I’m doing well, I just rely on how I feel. If I don’t feel good, I can always pinpoint why. Usually it’s because I ate like an idiot.

So I added a title to my ‘Checkin’ In’ bit. Maybe that’s why I’ll do. This is also my first real post-via-email.

I’ve started following more bloggers on twitter, and encourage you to do so too. Many of the bloggers listed on my Extensive Blog List are twitterers as well, and some are great at 140 character tidbits about losing the fat. I’m also hoping to tweet recommendations for bloggers that are great but don’t use twitter.

I’m going to see about biking this evening. Posting by email is really easy, so I may do more of these and forgo the idea of just 1 blog entry a day. Who cares if I have 1 a day or 3 a day and none for a couple? Not a big deal..just kinda letting my inner monologue run wild.

Have a great day.