I’ve been adding new blogs to the extensive list of weight loss blogs throughout the week, so definitely check them out. It’s chock full of great writers talking about the same stuff I’m writing about…only better! =)

Since I’ve started the twitter account and have been linking my entries there, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should plan on posting my entries at better times when people might actually read them. Maybe 9am, or 9:10am when people arrive at work and don’t have a ton to do so they look to Twitter to help them defeat boredom.

Then again, I like just writing and publishing right away.  I like the rawness and the immediateness of the bloggin’ way.  Maybe I’ll change my ways later.

I’ve added my weight to the sidebar. I will eventually settle on a single day every week to weigh myself, but figured I’d share what I’m looking at right now. Technically I’ve lost 3.5 lbs in the last few days, but I haven’t done a whole lot to make that happen. 270 is my high water mark. That’s when I literally feel it. That’s when my body starts telling me to calm the fuck down. That’s when I feel my heart working overtime. I’ve never been higher than 270.

I think water weight has some to do with the 270, and the recent eating in general. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get down to 260, or even 258. 250 is a place I’d like to try spending some time below. 248 for a week or two.  I know, that’s selling myself short, that I should look below that. Look towards 199. I’ve done that. It only works for so long.

248. about 19.5 more pounds from now. I have another wedding in 4 weeks. The healthy recommendation is 2 lbs a week, but I believe the notion that when you first start losing weight, you lose a lot more initially. That’s why I think I could lose 12 by July 17th. That would put me at 254.5 by the time of the wedding. Not a bad goal.

Actually, now that I’m typing it out, here’s my structure for the next few months. Each date represents a wedding event I’m attending.

6/22/2010 – 266.5

First Goal: 254.5, 12 lbs in 4 weeks, by 7/17/2010

Second Goal: 240, 14.5 lbs in 7 weeks, by 9/4/2010

Third Goal: 230, 10 lbs in 5 weeks, by 10/9/2010

That’s 36.5 lbs in 16 weeks. I haven’t weighed 230 pounds since 2004 at the earliest, and 2002 more likely.

I’ll need to really step it up. I’ll need to start eating better immediately. I’ll need to start moving around more.  I’ll need to start sleeping more reasonable hours.

You know what I need to not do? Find excuses why this attempt failed. 36.5 pounds. What the fuck is 36.5 pounds? It wasn’t always there, why should it stay there now?!

A quick google image search says that the bike below is 36.5 pounds.

So, time to ride the bike to lose a bike.