I was reading 344 Pounds and today’s entry is mostly about the difference between suceeding during the week and having trouble with the diet plan on weekends. It’s an interesting read, and I’ll probably touch upon that issue another time and how it relates for me.

What caught my attention was his renewed plan involves being more involved on Facebook and Twitter to hold himself accountable.  He also noted in another entry that he was excited that there was 50 comments on a previous post.

This comes on the heels of seeing a few bloggers who turn off comments, or have polls to determine whether or not comments should be allowed.

It made me think about the value of commenters. I’ve blogged for nearly six years about weight loss, and haven’t had 50 comments total, spanning probably 2,000 blog entries. I guess that might have to do with moving my operation a few times, but even so, for a few years I was in the same bloggy location.

As you can see, I have a twitter account and use it to link to my blog and throw out random thoughts. The thing is, I don’t really care if I have a million followers or receive a single comment on my blog. I check the stats to see if anyone reads my stuff and what they’re reading…but by and large, who reads this has little effect on me. Same goes for the comments. Unless it’s spam, it’s not going to bother me.

The reason that is, is I’m not losing weight for anyone but myself. Well, I’m losing weight for people closest to me, but they don’t read this. I’m always open to ideas and suggestions, so comments are welcome. They’ll be especially welcome when I start posting recipes that I’m using for cooking. That’s a little further along, but the point overall remains.

Other than a few great, thoughtful people who comment on long dead weight loss blogs(Hey Man! Are you still losin’! Best of luck!!), if I stopped blogging, tomorrow nobody would give a shit. It’s a harsh reality. With so many blogs out there, with so many creative writers, if one guy or gal drops off from blogging…life still goes on.

I’ve long enjoyed One Mans Trip To The Half featuring Zeusmeatball. He’s the kind of blogger I compare myself to, if I had to pick any blogger. He plugs along, he’s talking to his readers, but most importantly he blogs regardless of anything. He blogs for himself. Not to take away from anyone who has an interactive blogging situation, but each day he writes, it’s for himself. You can tell by following his journey that he’s inviting you to ride along with him…but he’s definitely the driver.

That’s sort of where I think I am, as far as blogging. I’m open to discussion, but it’s unlikely I’ll be swayed to blog more or less with more or less comments or followers or anything like that. I’ve reached the point where the only participant I want in the diet track every day is myself.

I hope this made sense. It did when I sat down to write it. How it ultimately came out is up for debate I guess! =)